GIGETTO 1910 was born in Serra de’ Conti, in the heart of the Marche Region, in the family carpenter shop that Lorenzo Arcangeli reopened in 2015 after a long apprenticeship with his grandfather Luigi, notorious carpenter of the town, known for his friendliness and passion for the job.

Luigi, also known as Gigetto, spent his life in his workshop until the age of 90, becoming an unforgettable artisan master for all. Lorenzo rediscovers this old-fashioned job and decides to follow the footsteps of his family of artisans that dates back to 1910 with is great grandfather Argirio.

Since Lorenzo was a child, he has always considered wood has the one and only material to create and play with. So, after studying in Naples for 10 years, he returns to his hometown to run the carpentry workshop of his family and learns everything from the basic woodworking processes to the building of tailor-made furniture


In 2017 Giulia Rosi joins Lorenzo in his new adventure, bringing along her expertise in design and tailoring, that make every item flawless and impeccable in every detail. The stitching, the decorations and the hand embroidery allow every product to shine for its personality and craftsmanship. Giulia studied Interior Design in Florence and just like Lorenzo, she enjoys vegan cooking, traditional kung fu and contemporary art, and when they met they brought out the most creative sides of their souls. As a matter of fact it is Giulia who came up, unexpectedly, with the wooden bowtie project. They were actually created to be worn by some friends to perform in a wedding flash mob, instead of the classic black bowties, and Lorenzo cut the first prototypes by hand with the scroll saw. It only took one Instagram picture to be noticed by a local designer, who promptly ordered a big stock of bowties for his shops. They had such great success that Lorenzo and Giulia decide to establish their own brand GIGETTO 1910, to honour Luigi the grandfather.


Every piece of the GIGETTO 1910 collection is handmade, because only through the touch of a hand you can feel the value and the essence of the materials, and only through hands you can achieve the greatest levels of precision. In the workshop they have machines to help them in the process of the creation, but manual skills are essential, just like the pleasure of working directly on the piece. They smooth, glue and refine the woods by hand. They choose fabrics, decorate and sew every detail to perfection, which makes every piece charming and unique. The items are checked in the most meticulous way and a customer care is available for every customer need. Lorenzo and Giulia see quality is a synonym for passion for the job and will to convey the great value of the products made to perfection.