About Us

The founders are an Italian couple constantly inspired by the history, art, beauty and landscape of Italy.

They had widely travelled around the world such as Dubai, USA, Sweden, London and Canada and these experiences strongly influenced their fashion style and love for the nature and sustainable products.

The term “Bottega” means workshop and referencing a place where an aspiring Italian artist learns from a master artist.

Gigli Bottega™ is an original and exclusive  brand  focused  on the contemporary Italian excellence with craftsmanship and unique creations.

The brand  developed and launched an online store focused on wood products promoting the history behind every single creation or masterpiece. As result you navigate in an authentic store derived from local and  international collaborations between skilled artisans and fashion designs.

Over the years, we built a team of incredible talented people who are continuously working on new designs sharing our passion for arts, craftsmanship and fashion. 

Our products are unique by themselves and the person who wears them makes them unique.

Thanks to you, our products tell a story!

Our Philosophy
At GigliBottega™ we depend 100% on teamwork. From the selection of the finest wood or fabric to their complex fabrication to the tiniest detail of every single product, The GigliBottega philosophy is founded on the quest for constant and uncompromising perfection. Adopting a sustainable position we offer masterpieces that last and can be worn for many years.

"Life is beautiful "

Roberto Benigni  


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