Antonino Cammarata

A stunning landscape is sometimes as close as your own backyard, and Antonino Cammarata certainly has an amazing “backyard” to paint from! Born on the gorgeous island of Sicily and surrounded by landscapes to die for, Antonino’s initial love for painting began at the age of 11, when he found a box of oil paints.

He attended the Art Institute of Syracuse in 1977, began studying Sicilian landscapes in 1983, and has produced bright, cheerful art ever since.

Antonino Cammarata has put a webcam in real time, in his Art studio in Augusta Italy, from which it is possible see to paint him in direct for approximately 10 hours to the day; all this in order to discover the secrets of the painting birth. It's the first and only webcam in real time to the world put in a painter's study, it's linked on beyond 350 websites.

The painter asserts: "I'm happy that the universe of internet can make me to enter in the houses of all the world because I succeed therefore to carry that sun beam that give off my landscapes of the South". The artist Cammarata therefore also has created risen of "virtual painting School on linens" but he asserts: I do not want to teach nothing on the painting neither to be the master of nobody, but I offer the opportunity to acquire of the visual information observing me to paint in direct. This is an only occasion that I grant to you, accommodating to you virtually in directed in my study. Cammarata hopes also that many young people seeing to paint it in direct approach themselves this beautiful one and fascinating creative Art.

Be sure to visit Cammarata’s website to view even more of his sun-filled artwork! It’ll boost your mood instantly, especially if you’re experiencing the cold, dreary winter season like I am!