Affiliate Program

We aim to create a mutually beneficial partnership to reach our business goals. We look forward to partnering and collaborating with you.

Thanks to you, our products tell a story!


Whether you’re a fan of the brand, a social media guru or an avid blogger, we’d love for you to join our Affiliate Program.

It’s simple, free and straightforward: Earn commission on all sales when visitors referred by you complete a purchase at

Sign up by clicking the button below. Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours to help you get started right away! Advertise GigliBottega products by posting ads, banners, or links on your website, blog, Instagram or Facebook pages. You'll choose which of our products you want to feature. When your readers click on these ads, they will be directed to GigliBottega’s website where they can shop. When they make a purchase, you earn money!

This process is absolutely FREE, completely uncomplicated, and allows you to start earning referral fees in just minutes!


  • Attractive commission structure, on average our partners earn 10%. 
  • Exclusive offers and communications on our latest products
  • Opportunity to run exclusive partnerships
  • Real time performance tracking and reporting
  • Access to imagery, banners and text links
  • Commission paid every 30 days
  • FREE to join


1. Sign up through our link below.
2. Share your love of our brand through photos, story, blog posts or however fits best with your site.
3. Don’t forget we can provided photos and banners!

If you have any questions, please contact:


GigliBottega Affiliate Program FAQ

Why become a GigliBottega Affiliate?
Becoming an Affiliate enables you to offer your customers extra value. Your Affiliate link provides easy access to high-demand products and GigliBottega's customer service. In turn, you'll receive a monthly commission check for all eligible sales generated by referring visitors to our site. GigliBottega handles all processing, fulfillment, shipments and customer service for these orders. After setting up the Affiliate links, all you have to do is collect your check. You'll also have 24-hour online access to traffic and sales statistics through Goaffpro Affiliate Marketing.

Is my site eligible to become a Affiliate?
We reserve the right to refuse any site that does not meet our quality and content standards. For more information, please read our Affiliate Agreement.

What does it cost to become an Affiliate?
Nothing. Applying to and participating in our Affiliate Program is completely free. We do not impose an application fee or a minimum sales quota.

How do you track the sales referred by my site?
We've partnered with Goaffpro to manage our Affiliate Program and to handle reporting. When a visitor clicks the affiliate link on your site and makes a purchase at, Goaffpro keeps track of that sale. It will make reports available on how your links are performing and how much commission you're earning.

How and when do I get paid?
Commission checks are issued monthly. If commissions from your site do not exceed $25 during the month, the commission will accrue and appear in the subsequent month. You are responsible for any taxes associated with commission fees.

What products are eligible for commission?
All products available online at, except for Gift Cards, are eligible. When customers referred by your site make a purchase, you earn a commission.

For further questions, please contact us at


Our Philosophy

At GigliBottega™ we depend 100% on teamwork and collaborations. From the selection of the finest wood or fabric to their complex fabrication to the tiniest detail of every single product, The Gigli Bottega philosophy is founded on the quest for constant and uncompromising perfection.


"We offer masterpieces that last and can be worn for many years"

Gigli Bottega Team